Saturday, October 31, 2009


October was a busy month! We headed to Wien to visit Bob's mom as often as we could. The first weekend we took Ashley to Marceline to see what our Homecoming was like! The Marceline Tigers did very well during this football season. That same weekend we celebrated Irene's birthday at the Pear Tree in Bevier. mmmm.

Ashley and I went to the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival. It was soooo coooold! We had a good time picking out neat things that we just had to have! Bob had a staff retreat at the Lake of the Ozarks that same weekend.

There were many doctors visits to get ready for the surgeries I was having at the end of the month.

We celebrated Ashley's 24th birthday quietly at her request. She and her grandfather, Jake, shared the same birthday. She really missed him that day.

Surgery day came. Things didn't go as well as planned, the hysterectomy took nearly three hours so the plastic surgeon was unable to do her part after the general surgeon did the mastectomies. I spent two nights at the hospital. Truman got to come and visit me! After that, Bob, Ashley, Tammi (my sister), my mom and Joy, (my sister in law) all took turns taking care of me! I was so blessed! There were lots of things to do, stitches, drainage tubes, physical therapy... they did it all!
My PEO chapter provided meals for me that entire week. That is one awesome group!!

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