Sunday, August 30, 2009


I am sure every family has those months that you wished had never happened, and for our family, it was this August. We said our final goodbyes to Bob's dad, Jake and his uncle, Amos. It was not an expected thing... both had been slightly ailing but in the long run, each turned out to be more serious than expected. We love and miss them dearly.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer inbetween Amos and Jake's passing and had a partial mastectomy two days before Jake's funeral. I was able to attend Jake's funeral but not Amos' as I was having a PET scan and my admission tests to the hospital.

Friends from all over put me on their prayer circles, cards (hundreds!) and emails and Facebook well wishes that helped me stay strong during this ordeal. I even received a bouquet of flowers from one of my favorite chat sites, Girls Like Us. I have known these women for several years, met a few personally, and was still surprised by the generosity of people. Totally amazing.

Unfortunately, the MRI showed another lump in my breast after surgery, so a second surgery was scheduled for October.

On the bright side, Ashley started her last semester of her master's program!! She is ready to move on to something more substantial, like her PhD work!