Thursday, November 19, 2009


November has been a month of healing... I stayed at home to recuperate from the surgeries. It has been surprisingly hard to be at home since I cannot do anything... lifting is restricted due to the hysterectomy for six weeks, and reaching is restricted due to the mastectomies!

Ashley continues to gain small steps toward graduation. She had some minor setbacks when her committee added work to her thesis at the last minute. However, due to her mother being at home and other acts of God, the interviews were done in a very timely manner! Her committee will meet in early December to approve her thesis so she can graduate in December!

Eric works hard on homework and full time at the bank. The economy has made his job demanding and busy. Taking time off is difficult so his weekend are precious. Most of it is spent doing homework for his college classes.

Bob is the superhero this month... doing everything at home and carrying his load at school. He got a couple of days off in Indianapolis for a conference and a couple of wine tastings and cigar smokes in Columbia. Our house nearly flooded during a downpour but he got into high gear and bought a pump and diverted a disaster.