Wednesday, September 30, 2009


September was filled with doctor appointments for me. I saw surgeons, oncologist, radiologists, pathologists.... you name it I probably was there!

With the new diagnosis, I spent a lot of time talking to women throughout the city and state who knew what it was like to have breast cancer. I needed to decide my course of treatment and so on my oncologist's recommendation, I sent in some tissue samples for an oncotype test. This test determines the effectiveness of chemotherapy on breast cancer. For this test you pray for a low score... and I got it! So no chemo for me! That meant surgery, though, because the cancer must be removed. I elected to have a double mastectomy at the end of October.

In the meantime, the oncologist said I would be doing hormone therapy as part of my cancer treatment. In order to do this successfully, I would need to either get shots to reduce my hormone production or get a hysterectomy. Because of previous issues with my health, the hysterectomy was the better option. This, too, was scheduled for the end of October.

Bob, Ashley, and Eric were busy with school. Ashley and Eric took classes at their colleges and Bob was working hard at his school. He never missed a doctor's appointment though!

We also did a lot of Mizzou tailgating! Those Tigers started off strong!!

I started my EdD program with Saint Louis University. The program meets here in Jefferson City a couple of Saturdays a month. So, now I am a Billiken, too!

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